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Ways to Honor Angel Babies

When grieving, sometimes we can get stuck on the different stages of Grieving. No matter how much we desire to remove or move on from that hurt, that pain, sometimes it seems impossible. One of the best decisions I have ever made was choosing to live in honor of my Angel baby Miracle. Living in her honor, gave me the will to want to move forward. No, of course I could never forget my loss, or my baby girl. But because she is no longer with me physically, I had to chose a way that would allow me to feel like I am still carrying her with me. So I did a couple things for myself, for my own grieving and healing process.

Tattoo's, some love them, some hate them. I got one of my baby girls footprints and I rub it often to get a sense of " I'm rubbing her feet." Maybe get something in honor of your Angel baby like a pregnancy and infant loss ribbon, their birth date, a flower or a symbol that may remind you of them, something that speaks to you.

Get involved and or Join a Local Pregnancy and Infant Loss non profit and take part in their annual event. The first event I attended was A Walk to remember. It was sooo beautiful to be surrounded by other Mothers and Fathers of Loss that understood the tears and brokenness without saying a word. It was at that event where I knew one of the purposes for my life, which was to share my story with the world. Check your local community and see what events or foundations you can find and join in honor your Angel Baby.

Start a Non-profit or Foundation/Charity/Event in honor of your Angel Baby. Maybe you want your charity to raise money to donate to a specific Scientific research, to other Mothers of Loss etc. Honor your Angel Baby by starting a Foundation in their name.

Plant a tree or memorial garden in a place that's special to you such as a back yard or a private area of some sort. When that plant or tree starts to grow, it will be a constant reminder of their life.

Make a Build a bear made with your babies heart beat, or a song you use to sing to them, maybe get some jewelry personalized in remembrance of your Angel baby.

Write a book about your loss or poem and submit them to be published, you would be amazed at how your writing to or about your Angel Baby can be a piece of writing that helps others dealing with loss process or grieve.

Look into different Laws and Legislation in your Cities and see what can you do to change things. Maybe you didn't like how you were dealt with during your time of loss in the medical setting, or maybe you wish laws were different, look into them, read up on them and get involved.

There are so many ways we can honor our Angel Babies. Their stories and ours doesn't have to end when we can no longer physically hold them. Their journey and yours can be off to a new start. Decide, in your time how you will honor your angel baby, and move out on it today! I'm a firm believer that choosing to honor your Angel Babies in one or more ways, can help with the Grieving process. It won't be easy, but it will be well worth it. Until next time.


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