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Resetting after a Loss

When we hear the word reset we think of a re-do, a do over, start from scratch right? But how in the world do you reset after something so devastating as a Loss?

One of the hardest things that I have found to do for myself as a woman that wears many different hats in life such as Mom, wife, teacher, doctor, and etc, one of the hardest things to do for ourselves is SELF CARE. Rather its finding time to make it happen, coming up with ideas to make it happen, or convincing ourselves we deserve to treat ourselves, its just difficult sometimes to put our selves first.

When some of us are faced with a loss we don't know how to move from there. Sometimes we need a reset button to give us a fresh start. Not a fresh start to forget about our loss, but a fresh start to give us the strength to move forward. You know how sometimes you are sooo tired and you know that you need to take a nap. Once you take that much needed nap and you wake up, you wake up with a 2nd boost of energy. You wake up feeling rejuvenated, motivated and ready to go.

That's my piece of advice this month. Make time for yourself to hit that reset button. Rather its a pampering day, a make over, well needed nap, a retreat of some sort, whatever it is you will give you that 2nd wind of breath, force yourself to make the time to do that for yourself. You owe it to yourself! Move forward in the name of your Angel Baby. Find that 2nd wind so that you can continue to heal and grieve and share your story to help raise awareness. You may have to do it more then once, and that's fine as well. Again in your own time, take this step. You may not be there today. You may not be there tomorrow. But whenever you get there, don't neglect yourself. You owe it to yourself!

Stay encouraged,


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