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Journals & Loss

During my loss, there were a couple of the things that I found therapeutic for me. One of the things I valued most is writing in my journal. My journal to me, is what therapy is to others. It allowed me to be absolutely real, raw and uncut. I didn't have to filter anything, didn't have to be politically correct, it allowed me to grieve and heal freely.

I can recall many times where I had absolutely no words to say and although tears have a conversation with God on their own, sometimes it seemed as if my tears conversed with the pen and paper and poured out my hearts deepest cries. The thoughts that couldn't be put into words, the pain that couldn't be explained, the emotions that couldn't be expressed, that's what writing in a journal helped do for me. In doing that, in allowing myself to be so open with myself and God, I opened myself up to healing in a way that I wasn't expecting.

I realize that using a journal through my loss didn't just help me, but it even allowed me to help my Husband understand what was going on inside my head and heart. Sometimes it couldn't be expressed. Some things were too deep and too dark to simply say aloud, but writing them and being able to look back on those words, feelings and emotions, became conversation starters for my marriage. We all know men and women grieve differently, so it was things I hadn't expressed to my husband that I wrote down, then when I was ready, I could share it and talk about it.

When you are happy, sad, lost, grieving, hopeless and everything else you can be, pick up a pen and paper and release it. What you will find is a clear head, clear heart, and clear soul. Even if it is daily, write to release daily. I don't know if I would have processed and grieved in the timing that I did had I not picked up writing. Without writing, I'm not sure where I would be today.

Pick up a journal today and write

With love,


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