Grief & Special Days

Every month there is some type of Holiday to be celebrated, or a celebration to celebrate family and friends for various occasions. This month, for those who do partake in Holidays, Easter is quickly approaching.

Today I will share some tips that can help you through this day as well as other celebrated Holidays and special days all through out the year. Easter and other holidays can be a reminder of the loved ones who are no longer around. Sometimes seeing others reunite with friends and families around Holidays can be hard and triggering and can leave us feeling sad or depressed.

Hopefully these few tips can be of some help not only during Easter this weekend but for other big special days as well.

  1. Practice Self-care: How can we love and pour into ourselves even in the tough moments of missing our loved ones who are no longer physically with us? Find something that will help you reset and relax during this time. It doesn't have to be a get away, it can be a new Yoga class, it can be painting, trying something new. It can simply be you being in the presence of loved ones. Find something that gives you the fulfillment of caring for yourself mentally and physically.

2. Ask for help: Asking for help use to be one of the hardest things for me to do. I

literally would suffer in silence just to avoid having to ask for help. This year,

considering asking Family & Friends to be mindful of you and your loss on that day. If you have other children, maybe ask Family & Friends to take them for you. Sometimes asking for space is a way for you to ask for help. Let others know you love them but it's a tough time and you need space. It doesn't mean you love them anymore or any less.

3. Get support: Reach out to your support system when you know a big day is coming up. Check in with them before and after that time to help you process your thoughts and feelings during that time. Doing this, can help ease some of the depression and sadness that we feel during these times.

4. Accepting Change: Take sometime to come to understand that how the special days were celebrated before, wont be the same in the present and that is okay. So use this time to come up with a new tradition to create new memories.

5. Be prepared: Knowing that special days are coming up, try to prepare yourself for the possible range of emotions that you can feel during these times. Carve out sometime to try to sit and reflect and give yourself the space and permission to process anything you may be experiencing and feeling. If you want a distraction, reach out to family and friends for company, but even in doing that, allow yourself some time to yourself through out that day.

I believe these tips and many other can help make the special days a bit more easier. These are tips that I definitely have used the last 11 years of my life. Hopefully they can be of help to you as well. Do you do something special to help you through special days? I would love to hear it down below!!!

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