My Story: Shayla Johnson Interview

What’s your name?

Shayla Johnson

How long has it been since your loss?

It'll be 9 years tomorrow 2/14

Did you name your Angel Baby? If yes, what is their name?

I never named my Angel baby because I lost him/her before knowing the gender and I didn't want to assume and grow any further attachment at the time.

How did your loss change your faith or relationship with God?

I honestly prayed God before taking the first pill in the clinic this exact prayer: God you are capable of all things and have the power to make anything happen or not happen so if this is not in your will please don’t allow this to take…. It took. I wasn't upset with God about it more so ashamed that I allowed it to happen but also felt extremely alone and desolate.

Did you try again after your loss? And if so, How was the process? Were you worried or scared?

The next relationship I was in we didn't plan to have a child but we were okay if we did. I did end up pregnant but had a miscarriage since the miscarriage reminded me so much of my first loss I didn't process it until last year. I buried that loss like I did the first one.

Any words of advice or encouragement for other mothers who may be going through what you went through?

I would say to do your best to process in the moment. It's okay to not be okay and it's okay to have every emotion that comes to you. Don't shy away from your support system even if they don't have words to comfort you, knowing that you have people that love you and support you is so important. COUNSELING IS HELPFUL TOO!! Please seek after it if you feel you need to! It helped me.

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